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A brilliant record in providing legal-technical advices to contractors and engineering companies

The directors of Legatech service has been working for years in the field of resolution of  disputes between the contractors , Vendors and their clients. The main part of activities in the world are related to EPC (Engineering , Procurement , Construction ) also the governments allocate the majority of annually budget to infrastructure projects .Then there are many contracts signed in these frameworks between contractors Vendors and their clients(Owners ) annually .in result there are many of inevitable disputations between parties in this industry.

The majority of disputation between contractors, Vendors and their clients have two sides ,technical and legal and these sides are together .The best method for resolution of such claims  is combination of technical and legal defense .Legatech Service provide legal-technical services that covers the clients requirements about their claims .In Legatech service we have an expertise team of Lawyers and Engineers who work together . In special cases financial and other experts maybe add to team. This cooperation will result a strong defense for important Fact is that ,  any project is unique and has special condition, then the strategy of resolution will be various from a project to another .

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