Technical and engineering services

Import and Export of goods

organize scientific seminars

commercial and financial services

Legatech service BV provides a wide range of Legal and Technical services

LegaTechService BV (LTS) is a Legal and Technical service provider company that was founded in 2018 in the Netherlands. The name of company consists of three parts: Legal, Technical and Services. The company Entrepreneurs have extensive knowledge of engineering, legal, commercial and immigration issues .Currently, some of lawyers, engineers, financial experts are working with LTS.

We are proud to provide to our clients  a wide range of legal, technical, commercial and immigration services.

commercial and financial services

advice to clients on commercial and financial issues
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Import and Export of goods and service

Legatech Service act as connection between clients and suppliers
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Legal advic to Contractors ,Engineering Companies and Vendors

A brilliant record in providing legal-technical advices to contractors and engineering companies
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Address: Paasheuvelweg 3A ,1105 BE Amsterdam , The Netherlands


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Whatsapp No : 0031-6-22856853

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